OC Emberton

Tune your life radio

Success in life can be like tuning an old radio. You spend a lot of time scanning past static, picking up a hint of a signal, and fine tuning for the best result.

Afterwards, others see what you found and assume you knew exactly how to get there. “How did you know to start Google? You must have been a genius.”

(In reality the founders of Google tried to sell their idea to Yahoo. Rejected, they decided to try their luck on their own).

In life, like on the radio, most frequencies you can tune to are just noise. But the most microscopic tweak of the dial can make the difference between a crackled hint of a song and a beautifully clear one. So there’s a pattern – skim quickly, decide if the rough signal is worth it, then hone like crazy.

Let me bust a myth: successful people are not blessed with a perfect idea of what they’re doing, or where they’re going. Often they start without a clue. But they scan their options and when they find something interesting they fine tune. They do this quickly, and a lot. And when the time is right, they’re prepared to jump for a better station.

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