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How to trick yourself into thinking positive

People are so predictable. Fortunately.

If you ask a person a question, they cannot help but try to answer it. They may not say an answer – they may not even have an answer – but the question is etched into their brain, like a hole begging to be filled.

In the same way, you’re asking yourself questions, all the time. And whatever you ask, your brain can’t help but try to answer it. Say you ask yourself:

“What the hell is wrong with me?”

Your poor brain will try to come up with a reflexive answer. Maybe “I’m an idiot” or “I knew I could never do this”. Whatever it comes up with, if you’re asking leading questions like that, it’s gonna make you die a little inside. So stop.

Consider instead what happens if you ask better questions. Remember – whatever you ask, no matter how stupid or impossible, your brain will try to answer. How about:

“How could I do this better?”


“How could I do this in half the time?”

Or, if you’re feeling audacious:

“How can I get every damn thing I want?”

You might huff and say that’s stupid. But asking a question is like carving a tiny hole in your mind. Without thinking about it, slowly, your brain will work to fill the hole.

Have you ever bought a shirt or blouse or whatever that you thought was unique, and then noticed countless other people wearing the exact same thing? You didn’t notice before because your brain didn’t have a place for that information.

Try asking yourself better questions. Carve a hole in your mind and see what new things you find.

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