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I’m writing a novel, because the Internet told me to

A week ago I wrote a comment on the Internet. Within 5 days I’ve been approached by publishers and producers about book, TV and film rights; I’m now writing a novel. Here’s how it happened.

Last Sunday I was meant to be helping my girlfriend move in. As you know, when someone asks for help moving you never arrive to a stack of carefully prepared boxes; she hadn’t quite decided what she wanted to pack yet.

Whilst I killed time on my phone I discovered this question on Quora (a popular Q&A website):

What would a modern-day evil genius have to do in order to take over the world?

I was utterly compelled to answer.

Later, between shuffling boxes, my poor suffering girlfriend would ask why I was so buried in my phone.

“It’s – important to me”. I struggled to explain.

Two days later my impromptu obsession was unexpectedly vindicated by hundreds of comments, emails and tweets, like these:

“You can have my $12 – I felt like I just watched a blockbuster” (18 votes)

“That was the most incredible thing I have ever read. And I’ve seen my share of things.” – Tweet

“Holly shit this is good! Where exactly do I pay for the book?”

“This needs to be a script.” (9 votes)

“Mark it ‘not for reproduction'” (24 votes)

“Oliver, this is breathtakingly good. Raises as many questions as it answers, has a great cast of characters, and creates a cohesive universe. Also, RIPPING GOOD YARN.” – Facebook

“Do a Kickstarter. I’ll put down $10” (10 votes)

“I was completely hooked while reading that which is amazing cause I have never in my life been interested in fiction.” – Email

Most incredibly, I had commercial interest from multiple publishers and producers, covering book, film and TV rights. These are real people from real and sizeable organisations, and I’m still slightly drunk on the euphoria from it all.

So what now?

There was no way I could have so much opportunity put before me, and not take a shot. So as hectic as I am, I shall be writing a book.

I’m still fleshing out the details of course, but gravitating towards a series of short novellas which will be available to buy online, compiled into a full length printed book if demand holds up. That way I’m not overly committed to tight external deadlines and I keep full creative freedom. It also lets me fail quite spectacularly on my own merits.

If you’re interested, please sign up below and I shall keep you updated.

Tell me when the book is ready

Thanks to everyone for their overwhelming support and encouragement. I hope I can live up to a sliver of your expectations!

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